Application for collaborative viewing of photos and documents. Even when you are far away.
Turn pages, comment,
view and read.
Everybody at once,
but in different locations.
What is WujiGrid useful for
„Where is the graph showing our sales numbers?“
„The blue column is on the left.“
„Blue? I only see a purple graph ...“
„Are you sure you are looking at the sales chart?“
„Oh, are there more of them in the presentation?“
If this seems familiar then WujiGrid is right for you.
All those connected see what you are talking about. Nobody is confused. You do not have to peer over your colleague’s shoulder. You can be thousands of miles away.
You are sitting around the table with your family showing your holiday pictures. Your dad still can’t see the shark fin in the picture so you point to it with your finger. He says it is just a buoy. But you insist the beast was at least 10 feet long. Your mom prefers turning to the next page and admires the picture of the sunset taken from your balcony.

The great news is that with WujiGrid you can do the same thing but each of you can be in a different place. You can be at the sea, your dad gone fishing and your mum taking sun by the pool.
Your finger is replaced with a mouse pointer, your comments written on virtual sticky notes and pages are turned with a mouse click.
How to use it
  1. Register
    Click the “Start here” button and create an account. Next time you just enter your e-mail address and password. Or sign in with your Google, Facebook or Microsoft account.
  2. Create your own Space
    It is a virtual working desk on the internet. It is a place where other people can connect and see what you have put there. You control who can connect. You can create as many Spaces as you want and keep your material in different places.
  3. Put your material in the created Space.
    Photos, documents, pictures. Use PDF or MS Office. You can add existing pictures directly from Facebook and Picasa.
  4. Invite anybody you wish
    Your friends, colleagues, and clients. Just anybody you want to discuss your material with. You can send them an invitation which sets access to the Space for them. When they connect they are displayed on your screen.
  5. Make a call
    Use your phone, Skype, Google Talk or any other program that you like.
  6. Explore, comment, and turn pages ...
    As if you were sitting around a table.
What kind of documents can you use for collaboration?
  • All files in PDF, JPG, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other formats.
Who can participate in a session?
  • Anyone with a computer connected to the internet.
Why should I choose WujiGrid as my collaboration tool?
  • WujiGrid is user friendly and simple enough to use by everyone.
  • You do not need any additional hardware, software or other equipment.
  • Quality of displayed images does not degrade on slow internet connection. All photos and documents are shown in the resolution of your display.
  • Any participant in a session can interactively work with the documents, add comments on sticky notes, point to parts of the text or to details of pictures, and turn pages.
    The basic version of WujiGrid is free.