WujiGrid Application
Development and operation of the web application called WujiGrid is our highest priority. WujiGrid is a web for online and real–time cooperation and creative interaction between people using the internet. WujiGrid is running in all web browsers on Windows and Mac. It is available for companies as well as for individuals, for business or private use. The currently available features and functions are for free.
Customizations of WujiGrid
We provide custom and private installations of WujiGrid for corporate customers. We offer hosted installation as well as installation on customer infrastructure behind a corporate firewall. The installation includes centralized account management and data access control as well as specific extensions and customizations depending on the customer needs.
Synchronization Server
The Synchronization Server is the heart of WujiGrid. It has been developed as a scalable server that is responsible for management of duplex communication channels between the server and clients. It also maintains consistency of all actions made by users on their client devices and stores all data persistently. The Synchronization Server uses our own extension of operation transformation technology which allows several users to modify concurrently the same data without locking.
Integration with your applications
All the mentioned products can be integrated with your web sites and services, mobile apps and desktop applications. This way they can be extended with new functions that increase their value and user satisfaction. We offer our know how in design and implementation of interactive applications through support of your development team or consulting services.
If interested in more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.