Join us!
We are looking for anyone interested in joining us to build WujiGrid.

You have a unique opportunity to contribute and influence the next generation internet application. There are many ways how we can work together:

  • Join our team and become a WujiGrid full time or part time employee.
  • We also welcome cooperation with contracotrs: long term contracts, short term contracts or project based contracts.
  • We are particularly looking for developers with experience in JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, C#, Azure, and Silverlight 5.0.
  • We are ready to cooperate with students working on their projects and thesis, or simply with anyone who is interested in any relevant topic, for example:
Modern UI/UX Think about possibilities brought by mobile devices and touch screens.
Social Networks How people live, work, behave, and share data using the latest technology.
Software Testing Use modern tools and techniques for testinng of web and mobile applications.
Semantic Web And Ontology Go beyond ordinary search in finding what you need or somebody who knows it.
Collaboration And Interaction Distributed editing of documents, sharing, access rights, operation transformation.
Localization It is not just about translation, we consider also other culture, graphical styles, needs, preferences, and taste.
We are looking for anyone who shares our vision and goals and has experience or resources for making WujiGrid to be even better.

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We are open to anyone around the World.